The Bellevue Police Department Is established by Bellevue Municipal Code 3.33 and is responsible for law enforcement services in the city of Bellevue.


Chief of Police     (CALEA 12.1.1)


The Bellevue Chief of Police is appointed following the city of Bellevue Municipal Code.  The Chief is empowered to assign officers to exercise law enforcement powers and enforce state laws and city ordinances.  The Chief also defines the rank and duties of officers, makes promotional appointments, and may take disciplinary action up to and including removing employees for cause. 


Accountability and Responsibility     (CALEA 11.3.1 &.2)


The Chief of Police is ultimately responsible for the performance of the Department.  However, authority is empowered to each employee through, or by the virtue of, their commission, position, and/or rank.  Employees are responsible for the use of this authority given to them by the laws of the State of Washington and ordinances of the City of Bellevue.


Authority and responsibility may be delegated.  However, the ultimate responsibility remains with the delegating authority.  Any employee who delegates responsibility will assure that that commensurate authority will accompany the responsibility.  Responsibility becomes shared due to delegation yet employees are held accountable for their individual actions. 


All employees who have had authority delegated to them will be held answerable for the use of authority and likewise be held accountable for the failure to use it.  This will be measured through the performance evaluation process.

Supervisors will be held accountable for the performance of the employees under their immediate supervision.  Although supervisors may delegate the actual performance of a given task, supervisors cannot rid themselves of the responsibility or accountability for the accomplishment of assigned tasks.


Oath of Office      (CALEA 1.1.1)


Each employee hired to function as a police officer will, prior to being commissioned, be required to take an oath of office to enforce the laws of the city of Bellevue, uphold the U.S. Constitution and Constitution of the State of Washington, and to abide by the Code of Ethics as adopted by the Department.


The Commander of the Personnel Services Unit will arrange for all newly hired police officers to take an oath of office and be sworn in prior to assuming their duties as commissioned officers.  The Personnel Services Unit will maintain an oath of office record including the date, time, place, and administering official.  The oath of office will be administered by the Chief of Police or the Chief's designee.