14.00.150     DISCIPLINARY SYSTEM DATABASE                    (CALEA 52.1.2)


The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for the maintenance of the Disciplinary System database.  This database will be used to track all complaints received by the Department, completed Incident Reviews, and Standards Investigations.


Additionally, the database will serve as an “early warning system” to help identify training needs of Department personnel.


This database will be accessible for entering and reviewing data by the Office of Professional Standards, the department legal advisor, the Deputy Chiefs and the Chief of Police.  Security measures are established to document access to and retrieval of data.


The Office of Professional Standards will ensure that the information regarding each complaint, review, and investigation is properly entered into the database.


For purposes of progressive discipline, use of complaint tracking information in disciplinary action will be determined by the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee and limited to a moving three-year window.


Any employee may request, through their supervisor, to review the data stored in the database regarding complaints associated with their name.