14.00.140     TEMPORARY RELIEF FROM DUTY                    (CALEA 52.2.7)


The Chief of Police grants the Deputy Chiefs, Commanders, and Supervisors the authority to temporarily relieve an employee from duty with pay under the following circumstances:


v      The employee is unfit for duty due to physical or psychological reasons (i.e., under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or extreme emotional distress)


v      The employee refuses to follow lawful orders or directions (insubordination).


v      An employee is being disruptive to the workplace.


v      The employee has been accused of serious misconduct.


If an employee is relieved from duty, the Chief of Police shall be notified through the chain of command.  The person relieving the employee from duty shall complete a memorandum to the Chief of Police explaining the circumstances and action taken.  The memorandum and any associated reports shall be completed as soon as possible and before going off duty.


The employee relieved of duty will be instructed to report to the Deputy Chief (or designee) of their respective section, at the appointed time.  Relief from duty may then be extended with the approval of the Chief of Police.