14.00.130     PRELIMINARY PROTECTIVE ACTION                    (CALEA 52.2.7)


In most circumstances, an employee’s job will not be affected during an investigation.  It will not be assumed that an employee has engaged in misconduct merely because a complaint is made.  However, in some situations it may be necessary to take precautionary measures to protect employee, City and community interests.  These measures are not disciplinary and will only be in effect pending results of the investigation.  If preliminary protective action is taken, the action will be documented and a copy provided to the employee.


These measures may include, but are not limited to, the following:


v      Paid Administrative Leave:  An employee may be placed on paid administrative leave.


v      Transfer to Another Job Position:  An employee may be temporarily removed from his or her job position and placed in another position within BPD.  This action will not result in a reduction or loss of wages.  This may include directing a uniformed employee to work in civilian clothing.


v      Surrender Equipment:  An employee may be ordered to surrender departmental equipment such as badges and/or weapons.


v      Limit Communication:  Communication may be limited by requiring that an employee have limited or no contact with another individual(s), not including their legal or Union representatives.