14.00.080     NOTIFICATIONS      (CALEA 52.2.4)


Complainant Notification             


To ensure an open and credible complaint investigation process, the complainant(s) shall be notified of the status of the investigation.  It shall be the responsibility of the assigned investigator to ensure that this communication with the complainant takes place.


The following information shall be provided to the complainant regarding the status of their complaint:


v      Once a determination has been made about what type of investigation will be assigned (i.e. Informal standards, etc) the complainant will be advised of the name and contact numbers of the person assigned to conduct the investigation, the process, and the expected timeline.   


v      If the investigation is delayed beyond 30 days, the complainant shall be advised of the delay.


v      At the conclusion of the investigation, the complainant shall be informed of the final outcome via telephone, letter, fax, or e-mail as deemed appropriate by the investigator.