14.00.050     TERMINATION OF EMPLOYEE      (CALEA 26.1.7)


Only the Chief of Police or his/her designee may terminate an employee.  The “Notice of Final Discipline” for an employee to be terminated will include the below listed information:


v      A written statement citing the reason for termination


v      All information required by either the collective bargaining agreements or applicable State and Federal law


v      The effective date of the termination


v      A referral to Human Resources for the status of retirement and other benefits after dismissal


Standards Investigation Special Practices


During an internal investigation, the Chief may require:


v     Photographing of an employee


v     Fingerprinting of an employee if sufficient prints are not on file


v     Alcohol or drug testing procedures if a supervisor has reasonable suspicion to believe an employee is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. 


v     Inspection of property belonging to the City of Bellevue if the investigator has a reasonable suspicion that evidence of work-related misconduct will be found.  Property includes, but is not limited to, vehicles, desks, computers, files and storage lockers. 


Except as provided above, an employee may volunteer, but can not be required to:


v      Participate in an interview using an instrument for detection of deception


v      Provide statements of financial disclosure.


v      Alcohol or drug testing or other medical examination


v     Participate in a line-up or show up