12.00.060              EMPLOYEE REFERENCES              


It is the intent of the Bellevue Police Department to disclose accurate information about a former or current employee to a prospective employer or employment agency at the request of the employer or employment agency.  Unless specifically authorized in writing by the Chief of Police, no other person may provide personnel information on behalf of the Bellevue Police Department.


The Commander of Personnel Services Unit or specifically authorized person may disclose information relating only to the following: (1) the employee's ability to perform his or her job; (2) the employee's diligence, skill, or reliability in carrying out job duties; or (3) illegal or wrongful acts committed by the employee when related to job duties.


PSU Captain:


v      Receives and responds to requests upon receipt of appropriate waiver.


v      Records the name of requestor or entity to whom disclosure was made.


v      Retains copy of requestor/entity for two years.  Sends the original to Human Resources for placement in the employee or former employee’s personnel file.


Employee Seeking Employment Reference:


v      Shall designate the PSU Captain as the sole authorized agent to disclose personnel information.


v      May request an alternate agent by sending a written request via PSU to the Chief of Police.


v      May list other employees as personal references only.


Employee Receiving Reference Request:


v      Unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Chief of Police, shall forward any and all professional personnel requests to the PSU Captain for processing.


v      Must request written authorization from the Chief to respond on behalf of the department.  If authorized, shall notify the PSU captain of the name of the requestor or entity.


v      May respond as a personal reference.  Employees responding as a personal reference:


a.      Do so on their own and outside the scope of their employment.


b.      May not disclose confidential or private department information or records.