12.00.010     PUBLIC INFORMATION FUNCTION                       (CALEA Chapter 54)

The public information function is the responsibility of the Public Information Officer (PIO) assigned to the Office of Professional Standards.  Public Information duties include:


v     Assisting news media personnel in reporting routine news stories


v     Responding to major incidents  when requested by an incident commander to disseminate releasable information that will not impede police operations or investigations


v     The preparation and distribution of departmental news releases


The PIO solicits comments, feedback and/or suggestions from the media throughout the year for policy development considerations relating to the public information function.

At the direction of the Chief of Police, the PIO will arrange for, and assist at, news conferences.


 Press Releases


The PIO will create and distribute all significant news releases.

All news releases will be coordinated through the PIO  if available, or through the Patrol Watch Commander in the PIO's absence.

If both are unavailable, the media may contact NORCOM where information requests will be relayed to the PIO or designated contact.  If an alternate contact has not been designated, NORCOM will relay the information request to a Patrol  Watch Commander.