Employees, on or off duty will not, under any circumstances, solicit any gift, gratuity, loan, or fee - where there is any direct or indirect connection between the solicitation and their departmental employment except as indicated below under Donations.


Employees will not solicit or accept free admission to any event requiring paid admission, for themselves or others, except in the line of duty.


Acceptance of Gifts, Gratuities, Fees, or Loans


Employees, on or off duty will not accept (either directly or indirectly) any gift, gratuity, loan, fees, or any other thing of value arising from or offered because of their employment, or any activity connected with said employment.  Employees will not accept any gift, gratuity, loan, fee, or other thing of value, the acceptance of which might tend to influence directly or indirectly the actions of said employee or any other employee in any matter of Department business; or which might tend to cast an adverse reflection on the Department; nor receive any gift or gratuity from other employees, junior in rank, without the express permission of the Chief of Police.


Other Transactions


Employees are prohibited from buying or selling anything of value from or to any suspect, witness, defendant, or prisoner - in any case which has come to their attention, or which arose out of their departmental employment - except as may be specifically authorized by the Chief of Police.




Employees will not accept any gift, gratuity, or reward (in money or other consideration) for services rendered in the line of duty to the community or to any person, business, or agency - except by lawful salary or that which may be authorized by law.


Disposition of Unauthorized Gifts, Gratuities


Any unauthorized gift, gratuity, loan, fee, reward, or other thing falling into any of these categories, coming into the possession of any employee by any means - will be forwarded to the Office of the Chief, together with a written report explaining the circumstances connected therewith.


Commercial Testimonials


Employees will not permit their names or photographs to be used to endorse any product or service which is, in any way, connected with or alludes to their position or employment with the Department, without the permission of the Chief of Police.




Employees, regardless of assignment, will not solicit or accept donations, which could reasonably be interpreted by the public as capable of influencing the employee’s judgment in the discharge of official duties.


No donation of any kind will be converted to the private use of any employee.


No donation will be accepted unless designated for a specific purpose related to a Department sponsored or approved program.


Employees assigned to the Community Services Unit may communicate with members of the public concerning the needs of their specific programs.  However, specific requests for specific donations are prohibited, (i.e.:  do not go to a person or group for the sole purpose of asking for funds or goods).


Exceptions may be made for Department approved fund raising events.


Acceptance of any donation must be approved by the Chief of Police and in accordance with current City Administrative Order and Department Policy.


Monetary Donations


All monetary (cash, check, etc.) donations, regardless of the amount, are governed by the procedures outlined in Policy/Procedure No. 5, “City Acceptance of Monetary Donations” which is contained in the Finance Department’s Policies and Procedures Manual.


Employees will not accept a monetary donation without first insuring that acceptance of the donation meets all requirements of the Finance Department’s policy/procedure and that the appropriate documentation, including the City Donation Agreement, is completed.


All monetary donations will immediately be transmitted to the Finance Department with the proper documentation.


Non-Monetary Donations


Non-monetary donations are anything of value that is not monetary, including perishable and nonperishable items.


All non-monetary donations will be reported to the City Manager’s Office via the Department chain-of-command as non-monetary donations occur.  Use the City Donation Agreement to report such donations.


In completing the City Donation Agreement, do not state a monetary value of the donated property, only a brief description.


Donation Report forms will be retained by the Section Commander accepting the donation.


Donations of vehicles or other equipment of significant value will likely require the execution of a City Donation Agreement and/or other contract between the donor and the City.