11.00.280     MEALS AND BREAKS


Section Commanders may establish procedures which will allow employees to have specified meal periods and break times, in accordance with current labor contracts.


An employee's failure to take a meal period or break time where sufficient time is available and/or is not available due to police activity requiring attention, will not constitute grounds for a claim for paid overtime or compensatory time.


Employees are not permitted to use the meal period or break time to leave early or arrive late at their work assignments.


Police Officers may suspend their duty for a 30-minute lunch period and two 15-minute breaks, subject to call and modification by a supervisor or other competent authority.


Police Officers will clear their meal period or breaks with communications before taking them.


Police Officers will monitor the police radio during meal periods or breaks when on-duty and are responsible for handling calls for service.  Officers will be prepared to respond to emergency calls.


Officers may leave the City for meal periods, but only with the permission of their supervisor; provided the meal is at the officer's private residence and the residence is within 5 miles from the City limits.


No more than two marked police units and three uniformed officers (excluding supervisors) are allowed to take concurrent meals or breaks at any one eating establishment.  This section applies to off-duty officers who have assigned, marked take-home vehicles.


Arrangements for meal periods and breaks during unusual circumstances such as emergency operations will be approved by the incident commander or supervisor.