Employees will treat supervisors, subordinates and associates with respect.  They will be courteous and civil at all times in their relationships with one another.  When on duty and particularly in the presence of the public, supervisors will be referred to by rank.


       1.  Employees, both on and off-duty, shall avoid associations which compromise the integrity or operations of the Bellevue Police Department.  This rule shall not apply to associations occurring in the performance of official duties.


2.    The Bellevue Police Department believes that it is in the employees’ and the Department’s best interest to keep business and professional relationships separate from personal relationships.  It is imperative that the Department strive at all times to prevent the reality or appearance of impropriety.  Supervisors might create the perception of a conflict in their professional responsibilities if they directly supervise a subordinate with whom they have a marital, domestic partnership, familial, or dating relationship (Relationship).  


3.  The Bellevue Police Department will not knowingly assign employees who are family members, spouses, domestic partners or in a dating relationship to work assignments where one employee will directly supervise, appoint, remove, discipline the other or where one employee will evaluate or audit the work of the other.


4. Any supervisor directly in the chain of command of an employee who is a family member, spouse, domestic partner or in a dating relationship with a higher ranking supervisor in that chain of command will report any performance and or disciplinary issues of that employee directly to the Office of Professional Standards rather than through their normal chain of command.


5.  If a relationship arises or exists between a supervisor and a subordinate as described in 3 or will exist with the appointment, reassignment or transfer of a supervisor or subordinate, the parties involved shall immediately notify the appropriate Deputy Chief.  Failure to report such a Relationship may subject the involved employees to discipline.


        6.  The Deputy Chief may order a non-disciplinary change of assignment to remove the real or perceived appearance of conflict caused by a Relationship between a Supervisor and a subordinate.  Typically, the Supervisor will be the employee re-assigned.   If a transfer results in a loss of pay or benefits to a represented employee, the employee may grieve the transfer for just cause under the applicable collective bargaining agreement.  If a transfer results in a loss of pay or benefits to an unrepresented employee, the employee may appeal the transfer under the City of Bellevue Policy and Procedures Manual.


7.  Definitions:


a. Dating:   means a social relationship of a romantic nature.


b. Domestic Partnership:  means two people have a close personal relationship, and share the same regular and permanent residence.


c. Family member:   means wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, in-laws and or any other relative living in the home of the employee. 


d. Relationship:  means a marital, domestic partnership, familial, or dating relationship


e. Supervisor:   means a person of higher rank or a person who is continuously  responsible for training and/or evaluations, this      includes field-training officers.