11.00.060     ASSISTANCE        (CALEA 12.1.4)


All employees will provide any necessary or required assistance to another employee, and all commissioned officers are required to take appropriate action toward aiding a fellow employee exposed to danger or in a situation where danger may be impending.


Responding to Calls       (CALEA 82.2.2)


Commissioned employees of the Department will respond without delay to all calls for assistance from citizens.  Emergency calls take precedence; however, all calls will be answered as soon as possible, consistent with normal safety precautions and vehicle laws.  Except under the most extraordinary circumstances, or when otherwise directed by a supervisor, no employee will fail to answer any phone or radio call directed to him/her.


All employees will attend to requests, telephone calls, messages, etc., from the public quickly and accurately, avoiding necessary referral of the request to other employees or sections.


Cooperation with Other Public Agencies


Employees will cooperate with other city departments, with outside police agencies, and will give aid and information as such organization may be entitled to receive consistent with Department policy.