11.00.010     STANDARD OF CONDUCT        (CALEA 26.1.1)


The Bellevue Police Department values its employees and promotes effective discipline.  The Department believes this to be a positive procedure.  The standards of conduct in this manual apply to all personnel of the Bellevue Police Department.


Employees will not engage in any activity which constitutes conduct unbecoming an employee or which constitutes neglect of duty.


Failure of an employee either willfully, or through negligence or incompetence, to perform the duties of his/her rank or assignment, or violations by an employee of any policy, procedure, rule, regulation, order or memorandum having the effect of a rule, regulation or order, may be considered sufficient cause for discharge, demotion, suspension, or other penalty.


Specific information on how violations of Department Rules and Regulations are processed will be found in policies concerning Discipline/Complaints/Internal Investigation elsewhere in this manual.