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Ether Rising, Symbiote Red, Inside Outside

 Symbiote Red, Inside Outside, Ether Rising
 Lanny Bergner
 Stainless steel, aluminum and brass screen, glass frit
 Courtesy of Pacini Lubel Gallery, Seattle

Artist's Statement:
Part of a larger body of work marking my return to the studio investigations I began over twenty years ago to create suspended, volumetric, organic sculptures out of strips of aluminum screen, these works have multiple references. While they reference the organic, they also reflect an interest in the body and the mysteries of the body’s interior and spirit. This revisiting of earlier interests came about after a hiatus from studio work while recovering from an illness. All hand constructed out of industrially woven metal mesh, a scissors and pliers are the only tools needed for their free-form construction.


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  Location in Bellevue City Hall:


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