American Community Survey

After a decade of testing and development, the U.S. Census Bureau launched the American Community Survey in 2005. Replacing the "long form" of the census, the ACS tracks the way Americans live, including education, housing and jobs.

In previous censuses, most households received a short form, which focused on the population count and demographics. A percentage (one in six in 2000) received the long form, which included additional questions about socioeconomic and housing characteristics. Together, the two parts of the decennial census showed not only the number of people living in America but also the way we live. This information is still part of the decennial census, but now it is collected on a continuing basis as part of the ACS.

The ACS is officially part of the decennial census and includes essentially the same questions as the former long form. But rather than once a decade, the ACS is sent to a rolling sample of addresses every month, every year, throughout the nation. In this way, the ACS is able to provide up-to-date information about the social and economic needs of our community.

Demographic Characteristics:
Age | Sex | Hispanic Origin | Race | Relationship | Home: Owned or Rented?

Social Characteristics:
Marital Status | Marital History | Fertility | Grandparents as Caregivers | Ancestry | Place of Birth, U.S. Citizenship and Year of Entry | Language Spoken at Home | Educational Attainment and School Enrollment | Residence 1-Year Ago | Veteran Status: Disability Rating and Period of Service

Economic Characteristics: Income | Food Stamps Benefit | Labor Force Status | Industry, Occupation, and Class of Worker | Place of Work and Journey to Work | Work Status Last Year | Vehicles Available | Health Insurance Coverage

Housing Characteristics: Year Structure Built | Units in Structure | Year Moved into Unit | Rooms | Bedrooms | Plumbing | Kitchen Facilities | House Heating Fuel | Telephone Service Available | Home Value | Rent | Mortgage Status | Selected Monthly Owner Costs

The Census Bureau offers more information about the American Community Survey.

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