130th Avenue Northeast/Goff Creek Station Area Planning

Neighborhood Vision

The area around the planned light rail station at 130th Avenue Northeast will redevelop over time as a vibrant, diverse and walkable neighborhood. While other areas in the Bel-Red area will emphasize new employment opportunities, housing will be key in this neighborhood, with a broad range of housing types to meet the needs of a diverse population. 

A more accessible Goff Creek would be near 130th Avenue.

The neighborhood will be walkable, with convenient access to shopping, jobs and parks. It will also be well connected with Bellevue and the region with transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and roadways. 

The area's natural environment, long neglected and abused, will be significantly restored, especially along Goff Creek. Trees and open spaces will be added, and stormwater will be managed in a more environmentally sensitive way. Neighborhood parks and plazas will be integrated with the Goff Creek corridor and linked by trails.

Intended as the “Main Street” for the neighborhood, 130th Avenue will be transformed north of Northeast 16th Street to feature wide sidewalks lined with interesting shops and restaurants on the ground floor of taller buildings that are mostly condos and apartments. Northeast 16th Street will be extended west, to eventually provide a seamless connection to downtown Bellevue for pedestrians, bicyclists and autos.

The light rail station area will be a focus of activity, not only with people coming and going to the trains, but with activities associated with the surrounding housing, retail, plazas and streets.


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