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News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow, freezing rain possibilities tonight

As the weather turns warmer and wetter, snow may fall before turning to freezing rain later today and into Tuesday. Drivers are advised to be prepared for slippery and icy conditions on the roadways.

Elevations in the city above 500 feet may take longer to transition to rain and above-freezing temperatures. Frozen streets may remain icy even after the temperature rises.

There is also concern of thawing water pipes, which may begin to leak as they defrost; and tree branches may break and fall around the city. To stay informed, monitor local radio station for important safety information and updates or check Extreme Weather updates or Twitter feed: @BvueTrans.

City Response:  
City crews have applied anti-icer on bridge decks and typical freezing and fog locations this morning. Snow and ice response equipment has been loaded and is ready for response. The crew will continue to monitor the weather tonight until 11 p.m.

A second-shift crew will continue to monitor the weather throughout the night, responding to any ice and snow related calls. The Transportation Traffic Operations division will monitor the weather forecasts and will modify staffing plans and response activities as necessary.

Be Prepared:
Please prepare for the transition from below freezing to warmer temperatures.  In the event of snow, check the “Snow Response Priorities” map. To find handy phone numbers and information about snow response, check Extreme Weather updates.

Safety Tips:
• Make sure everyone know when and how to call 9-1-1. 
• Listen to weather forecasts regularly, heed any warnings and adjust your travel plans if necessary.
• Call Transportation at 425-452-7840 to report hazardous roadways. 
• Call Utilities at 425-452-7840 to report flooding, water main breaks and sewer overflows.
• To report gas leaks, power outages, and down power lines, please call Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773.
• Prepare for difficult commutes if roads are icy. Plan your routes and avoid peak commute hours in the morning and afternoon if at all possible. Drive only if necessary and go slow, allowing extra following distance. Have traction devices in your vehicle. Test new chains to make sure they fit.
• Treat dark intersections as four-way stops.
• If you use a generator, a grill or a hibachi to cook, keep them outside. They can produce deadly Carbon Monoxide gas.
• Build Emergency Kits for your family to have at home, in the car and at school or work. Your kit should sustain you for 72 hours or longer. Include the following in your Emergency Kit:
o Food, water, first aid kit, a small tool kit, seasonal clothing, eye protection, flashlight with batteries, gloves, sanitary supplies, sleeping bags and extra blankets. Remember to add those special supplies if you have small children or you care for someone with special needs. Items for your pets should also be included.
• Keep your gas tank at least half full; the extra gas helps reduce condensation that can plug your fuel line with ice and stall your engine in cooler weather. It also help you avoid running out of gas if you experience long traffic delays. 
• If a water pipe breaks, immediately turn off the main water shut-off valve and/or water meter to control flooding and water damage. Then call a plumber. The main water shut-off valve is usually located in the basement, garage or outdoors by the foundation. If there is no main shut-off valve, there is a valve in the meter box. Turn clockwise with an adjustable wrench.
• Keep sidewalks next to your home clear of ice and snow, but be careful not to overexert yourself.
• Find more tips at www.TakeWinterByStorm.org

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